California Zephyr Railcar Charters

The Vista-Dome Silver Solarium

Conceived as ‘the last word’ in train travel, this magnificent car combines all the best features of luxury rail travel in one car.  Its 3 bedrooms, 1 drawing room, and 1 master room accommodate a maximum of 11 people overnight (nine guests plus two staff if traveling solo).  All bedrooms are equipped with enclosed restrooms and showers.  This is the ideal car for small groups traveling on longer itineraries.

Silver Solarium has a classic round end, or boat-tail observation lounge with comfortable seating for 10 guests.  24 guests are accommodated for meals and sightseeing in Silver Solarium’s Vista-Dome.

Thirsty travelers will find Silver Solarium’s under-dome bar, with linoleum carvings from its days on the original California Zephyr, to be a welcome respite.

Silver Solarium is owned by Rail Journeys West, Inc., and is operated exclusively by California Zephyr Railcar Charters.

In addition to having three classic double bedrooms, Silver Solarium has a drawing room, shown at left, which can accommodate up to three guests with two lower berths and an upper berth.  The drawing room has a generous closet and an enlarged restroom annex that features a fixed-head shower.

Silver Solarium features an owner's Stateroom, which has booth seating that makes down into a double bed at night.  The Stateroom has a generous closet and an annex with toilet, sink, and shower.