California Zephyr Railcar Charters

Departs Los Angeles  TBD

Departs Emeryville TBD

Arrives Chicago TBD

Departs Chicago 10/16

Arrives Huntington 10/17

Fall Colors Zephyr East--Los Angeles to Huntington, WV

What better way to celebrate the glories of Autumn than from your seat in a Vista-Dome?  Experience what it was like to travel on the "Scenic Way Across America" in our Silver Fleet of cars that were built especially for this route!

This trip was a smashing success in 2017, and we expect to have a full house again in 2018!

For 2018 our trip will originate in Los Angeles.

Our Silver Fleet will be coupled to the rear of Amtrak's California Zephyr and will travel over "The Scenic Way Across America", what is arguably the most beautiful rail route in the US.  We will make our way to Chicago, and after a side trip to Minneapolis (see above), will make our way to Huntington, West Virginia, where our dome cars are to be a part of the famed New River Gorge special trains.

Our route will take us from Los Angeles to Oakland, with its 103 miles of running along the California coast, then after an overnight in the bay area, we embark on a daylight crossing of Donner Pass, first crossed by rail in 1868. Then we cross the Nevada desert and run along the south shore of the Great Salt Lake to Salt Lake City, reached in the wee hours.  Insomniacs are welcome to stretch their legs on the platform in Salt Lake City as the train gets serviced.

Earlybirds will watch dawn break over the Wasatch as our train claws its way up to Soldier Summit, then follows the Price River to the desert of eastern Utah.  Shortly before leaving Utah we encounter the Colorado River and follow it for more than 200 miles into the Rockies almost to its source near the Continental Divide.  Along the way we will travel through the fabled Five Canyons of the Colorado, most famous of which is Glenwood Canyon, where the Vista-Dome was conceived.  All the time we will see nature's spectacle of Fall Colors unfold before us.  We may even see some antelope, deer, or perhaps a migrating herd of elk in the higher country.

We cross the Continental Divide underground, in the over six mile long Moffat Tunnel.  Emerging back into late afternoon daylight we begin our nearly two hour descent of the Front Range to Denver.  As twilight approaches we get the illusion of an airliner slowly coming in to land as the lights of Denver, which we first saw far below us, get ever closer.

After stretching our legs at the newly remodeled Union Station, we set off to race across eastern Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa on our way to Chicago.  Omaha is reached in the early morning, when all but the most hardy are still asleep.  We cross the mighty Mississippi River in mid-morning at Burlington, Iowa, and begin the final leg of our journey to the Windy City.

In Chicago guests will detrain for hotel while our Silver Fleet is serviced and made ready for the next leg of the journey.

Oct 12-14 our cars will make a side trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul, under lease to Zephyr Route (:/journeys).  This is sold separately and guests wishing to take this side trip should book directly with Zephyr Route.  Click HERE to reserve space on this side trip.

Oct 16 our cars will depart Chicago on the Cardinal, bound for Huntington and the New River Gorge trains, which will operate over the next two weekends.  Departure is late afternoon.  Hors d'Oeuvres and Dinner will be served shortly after departure.  Overnight we will travel through Indiana, parts of Ohio and Kentucky, and arrive Huntington about breakfast time.  Here our cars will be switched off the Cardinal and be stored in a secure yard adjacent to the depot.

Guests wishing to ride the New River Gorge train, which makes its first departure on the 21st, may opt to spend nights aboard Silver Rapids, which will remain in Huntington.  Tickets for the NRG trains are sold separately.  Click HERE to reserve your space.

What's included:

•     Guaranteed Vista-dome seating

•     Overnight accommodations in our sleepers:  Roomettes, Double Bedrooms, Drawing Room, Stateroom.

•     Meals prepared fresh on board by our chef, served on our monogram china, with tablecloths from the original California Zephyr.

•     Complimentary bar featuring premium labels of beer, wine, and spirits.


    Roomette:     One person.  Roomettes have a single murphy-style bed, and sink with hot and cold running water in room.  Sofa-style chair and visitor bench by day.  Small closet for hanging garments.  Generous overhead storage.  Two bathrooms just a few steps down the hall.

     Double Bedroom:  1 or 2 persons.  Upper and lower berths.  Upper berth is the same size as the lower, with lots of headroom for those wishing to sit up and read.  Double bedrooms have an enclosed annex with toilet and sink; some also have a hand-held shower.  Lighted closet for hanging garments; overhead storage for luggage.

     Drawing Room:     Up to 3 persons.  Two lower berths and one upper berth, same size as lowers.  Sofa and folding chair for day use.  Larger annex with toilet, sink, and fixed-head shower.  Larger closet for hanging garments.  Overhead luggage storage.

     Stateroom:     Located under the dome, added on by previous owner.  One or two persons.  Booth seating folds to become a standard double (full) bed.  Large closet for luggage storage.  Annex with toilet, sink, and shower.

     Bedroom on Suite:  Some of our double bedrooms have a folding partition wall, which can be opened to reveal a very spacious room that accommodates up to 4 persons.  This is popular with couples who both prefer lower berths.  An added bonus is each has their own bathroom.

     Amenities:     All rooms have white cotton terry bathrobes; individual bar soap, shampoo, and conditioner, white cotton terry washcloths and bath towels; starched and folded huck hand towels.


Denver to Chicago (includes dinner upon boarding):

     Roomette:               $1,000/person

     Double Bedroom      $1,000/person double occupancy

     Bedroom on Suite:   $1,500/person double occupancy

     Single in a Bedroom: $1,500.

Los Angeles to Chicago, Oct 9-12:

     Roomette:               $2,999/person  SOLD

     Double Bedroom:     $2,999/person double occupancy (PPDO)

     Drawing Room:        $3,749 PPDO SOLD

     Stateroom:               $3,749 PPDO  (SOLD)

     Bedroom on Suite:     $4,499 PPDO

     Single in a Bedroom:  $4,499

Emeryville to Chicago, Oct 10-12:

     Roomette:               $2,499/person SOLD

     Double Bedroom:     $2,499/person double occupancy (PPDO)

     Drawing Room:        $2,999 PPDO SOLD

     Stateroom:               $2,999 PPDO  (SOLD)

     Bedroom on Suite:     $3,749 PPDO

     Single in a Bedroom:  $3,749

Los Angeles to Denver, Oct 9-11:

     Roomette:               $1,999/person SOLD

     Double Bedroom:     $1,999/person double occupancy (PPDO)

     Drawing Room:        $2,399 PPDO SOLD

     Stateroom:               $2,399 PPDO  (SOLD)

     Bedroom on Suite:     $2,999 PPDO

     Single in a Bedroom:  $2,999

Emeryville to Denver, Oct 10-11:

     Roomette:               $1,499/person SOLD

     Double Bedroom:     $1,499/person double occupancy (PPDO)

     Drawing Room:        $1,899 PPDO SOLD

     Stateroom:               $1,899 PPDO  (SOLD)

     Bedroom on Suite:     $2,249 PPDO

     Single in a Bedroom:  $2,249

Chicago to Huntington, Oct 17-18:

     Roomette:               $1,199/person

     Double Bedroom:     $1,199/person double occupancy (PPDO)

     Drawing Room:        $1,599 PPDO, $1,199/person triple occupancy

     Stateroom:               $1,599 PPDO  (SOLD)

     Bedroom on Suite:     $1,799 PPDO

     Single in a Bedroom:  $1,799

Day Rides:

          Los Angeles to Oakland:         $309/person

          Emeryville to Reno:         $199/person

          Salt Lake City to Denver:    $399/person

10% discount applies for people traveling from Los Angeles or Emeryville to Huntington.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  A 3% convenience fee will be added to the total for those paying by credit card.

Click HERE to make your reservation!

2018 New River Gorge Special Trains operate Huntington-Hinton, WV

Oct 20,21, 27,28.  Tickets sold separately.

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