California Zephyr Railcar Charters

It’s that time of year again, and we’re off to Seattle and the Leavenworth Snow Trains, operated by Alki Tours.  This year we’re going to run our cars with full service.  All through guests will have room accommodations in Silver Solarium, and unrestricted use of our two vista-domes.  A limited number of day riders will be accommodated as well.  There will be two options:  Los Angeles to the Bay Area, and Eugene-Portland to Seattle.  Day riders will not have use of any of the sleeper rooms, but will enjoy the same meal and beverage service, and vista domes and lounges along with the longer-distance guests.

We will depart Los Angeles on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight at 10:10 AM Nov 29, and arrive Seattle at 8:37 PM Nov 30.  

All meals will be prepared on board from fresh ingredients.  Daily meals will include breakfast, lunch, afternoon hors d’Oeuvres and dinner.  A late evening dessert will be available the first night.

Our bar, which features complimentary premium labels of beer, wine, and spirits, will be open until midnight.

Guests who purchased sleeping accommodations may stay aboard upon arrival in Seattle, if desired.  We request that you vacate your room by 9:00 AM on Dec 1, however, so we can prepare the cars for their use on the Snow Trains.

The Leavenworth Snow Train is an experience not to be missed!  The first train will depart Saturday, Dec 2.  All guests receive a breakfast and supper, as well as complimentary hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages.  Beer wine and spirits may be purchased in Amtrak’s cafe/lounge car.  You will have approximately 4 hours to explore the quaint ersatz Bavarian Alpine town that is Leavenworth.  The town goes all out for Christmas, and visiting it during the holiday season has become a tradition for many thousands of Washingtonians.

Tickets for the Leavenworth Snow Trains are sold separately.  Click HERE for information and pricing.

Our dome cars provide the premium seating on the trains and sell out early.  Contact Alki Tours and let them know you’re coming up on the private cars.  They’ll do their best to secure the best accommodations on the Snow Train for you.


Silver Solarium is equipped with the following:

     Double Bedroom:  1 or 2 persons.  Upper and lower berths.  Upper berth is the same size as the lower, with lots of headroom for those wishing to sit up and read.  Double bedrooms have an enclosed annex with toilet and sink; some also have a hand-held shower.  Lighted closet for hanging garments; overhead storage for luggage.

     Drawing Room:     Up to 3 persons.  Two lower berths and one upper berth, same size as lowers.  Sofa and folding chair for day use.  Larger annex with toilet, sink, and fixed-head shower.  Larger closet for hanging garments.  Overhead luggage storage.

     Stateroom:     Located under the dome, added on by previous owner.  One or two persons.  Booth seating folds to become a standard double (full) bed.  Large closet for luggage storage.  Annex with toilet, sink, and shower.

     Bedroom on Suite:  Some of our double bedrooms have a folding partition wall, which can be opened to reveal a very spacious room that accommodates up to 4 persons.  This is popular with couples who both prefer lower berths.  An added bonus is each has their own bathroom.

     Amenities:     All rooms have white cotton terry bathrobes; individual bar soap, shampoo, and conditioner, white cotton terry washcloths and bath towels; starched and folded huck hand towels.

Prices:  Bedroom:            $1,299/person double occupancy

            Drawing Room:  $1,649/person double occupancy   SOLD

            Stateroom:            $1,649/person double occupancy

            Bedroom ensuite:  $1,949/person double occupancy

            Single in a bedroom: $1,949.

            Day Rider, Los Angeles to Oakland:  $299/person

            Day Rider, Eugene to Seattle:  $259/person.

            Day Rider, Portland to Seattle: $179/person.

If demand warrants, we’ll add Silver Rapids.  Its accommodations include roomettes, double bedrooms, and bedrooms on suite.  Price for a roomette would be $1,299/person if the car is in the consist.

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To Seattle We Go!

November 29-30, 2017.

Depart Los Angeles, 10:10 AM

Arrive Seattle 8:12 PM.

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